2010 /


Boutique in VIORO in Tenjin Fukuoka. Client make me two contrary requests, one is open facade in order to invite guests and another is closed interior not to be seen from outside. As a solution, We constructed the closed shop like wrapped up that has a wide opened facade with a hanging diagonal wall to the opposite angle that also meets fire department’s requirements in shopping mall. And this inclined facade wall crossing with elevator line made up a peculiar visual. The facade wall is covered with hundreds of copper sheets same size as the stone plates on the floor, Hundreds of copper sheets on the facade wall same size as the stone plates on the floor, gonna lose luster by touch of people who are interested in, and their color turns reddish-brown(It’s only copper and bronze) by oxidation and corroding as time goes by. By reason that TRENT has established shops on streets by this time, I intend to create their brand image by using materials such as copper, stones, concrete blocks and scaffold just like other TRENT shops been done.


設計 : TORU SHIMOKAWA architects
写真 : 水崎浩志

所在地 : 福岡県福岡市中央区天神2-10-3 VIORO B2F
計画種別 : 内装設計
用途 : 物販店
施工面積 : 113.22㎡


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