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Since the establishment in 1873, ALSO MOONSTAR is the flagship store of MOONSTAR who carries on creating shoes at own factory in Kurume Fukuoka Japan, as the shoes manufacturer.
When we visit the factory with history, we realize that there is an overwhelming presence on the aging of its architecture. This became an opportunity to deeply know the background of shoes as the product with the memory of scene that hundreds of craftsmen make shoes thoroughly there. It was superficial to express the physical element which I felt at the factory for the store directly, so I thought that I would need to make a space to express its scene spiritually. Then, I tried to create an essential construction with unstinted efforts by using techniques of a carpenter, plasterer and gardener based on the Japanese architecture, in the same philosophy as MOONSTAR’s sincere craftsmanship. All its materials are the stately ones created by craftsmen with time and effort, and its resonance touches the human’s emotional feeling. Furthermore, to mix a technology of MOONSTAR into its scene builds up a space with the one and only atmosphere.
I believe that the store becomes a new history of MOONSTAR.


設計 : TORU SHIMOKAWA architects
照明 : 山川幸祐
サイン : THIS DESIGN / 定松伸治
写真 : 藤井浩司

クライアント : 株式会社ムーンスター
所在地 : 福岡県福岡市中央区薬院3丁目11-22
計画種別 : 内装設計
用途 : 物販店
施工面積 : 138.84㎡
設計期間 : 2019年11月10日〜2019年12月30日
工事期間 : 2020年1月10日〜2020年6月20日
オープン : 2020年6月27日


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